Terms of Delivery

  1. When the product is found defective after it is acquired, the customer has the right to demand for replacement of the product so that immediate action will be done after further investigation. Any damaged photos provided to customer service is a necessary procedure and Areel 3d will be held responsible until the problem is solved.
  2. When product is missing due to natural disaster or inevitable reasons, customer must keep the commodity number and contact to customer service immdiately.

Terms of Return

  1. When the product's package is damaged once received, the customer shall refuse to sign and shall contact with Areel 3D immediately. Areel 3D can't be held liable on the missing or damaged product with unknown reason.
  2. Areel 3D's products are 100% customized. During production, the products are strictly inspected and confirmed by customers. Once cargo is defective upon arrival, we will replenish the goods base on the product condition which exclude the return service and refund payment.
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